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Please find the latest ''Parent and Community Survey' here.

Steiner schools provide a unique educational opportunity. In educating students with a balance of cognitive knowledge, creative feeling and experiential learning we promote a system of learning that engages all aspects of their lives. This balance is filled with a world of imagination, wonder and reverence and for the spirit that lives within every child. Our inner lives and external achievements are part of the interweaving of the physical and spiritual lives that we hold as a cornerstone of what it is to be truly human.

The aims of a Steiner education are to assist young adults to be confident, to be able to effectively engage in the world, have a sensitivity in interrelationships and are guided by their heart as much as their head.


Steiner education delivers a STRUCTURED, WHOLE PERSON (click all bold items for specific details) learning  environment  that results in SUCCESSFUL,  confident good students, who think creative successful solutions, from kindergarten to year 13. (click bold for specific details).

We do not assess against National Standards until year 8 and yet achieve results  that are well above  average in both the  Primary  and Secondary school using the Ministry of Education approved Steiner Learning Steps. 

To download the 'Student and Parent Information Handbook' for CSC and NCEA please click on the link above.  For infromation on Study Skill Success please download the booklet via the link above.           
Tertiary Education Commission report NZ  Steiner School graduates complete tertiary  courses   15%  higher  on average  than the national  norms.

This means that a Steiner graduate completes a  WHOLE PERSON  related education and achieves academically at rates equal to and higher than  other educational approaches.

Come and see how this is achieved from kindergarten and through the high school.

We  welcome your interest. Please click bold text for further information
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Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School
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