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Special Character

Our school is part of the worldwide Rudolf Steiner
Schools' movement which recognises, nurtures and fosters the interplay of the spiritual and physical bodies of the growing students in our care.


Learning to think,  to create, to actively engage and to shape ones life  are vital  factors in a whole person education.

Rudolf Steiner (1875-1925) developed the Art of Education to uniquely interweave the body, soul and spiritual needs of the developing child's consciousness. 

Piaget, Erikson, Lievegoed, Vygotsky similarly reflect on an child evolving consciousness and stages of development.

The curriculum is designed around meeting the student at these growth points to enhance and strengthen their challenges and opportunities that new stages of growth afford them. 

A holistic world view (both spiritual and physical) requires the teaching of
a living knowledge that is translated into reading, writing, sciences,
painting, maths, technologies, languages, music etc and becomes the basis
for a student's worldly skills.
With an 'inner' and 'outer' education, students gradually develop a healthy
and independent ego in which to freely choose their path in life.  This is
the meaning of an education towards freedom.  Rudolf Steiner called this
'wider' understanding of the human being, Anthroposophy (anthropos = human,
sophia = wisdom). 

The school's organisation attempts to reflect the unique contribution of
each member to our school, while maintaining efficient management and
excellent learning opportunities.



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