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Students in our school come from all areas of Christchurch. We are a co- educational school from kindergarten to year 13. We are not a zoned school. There is an average of 30 students per class in the primary school and 25 in the high school and we operate with one class per age group. The school means the school is a family sized, small school (370 pupils) where individuals needs and achievements are met and recognised. In the primary school you will have the same teacher for a number of years ( sometimes up to seven years) while in the High school, every subject and specialty has a teacher who is an expert in their field.

We strive to have a bully free school and place emphasis on peer support, restorative conflict resolution ( no blame bullying resolution), peer mediation and offer individual counselling and whole class interpersonal developments.
Our students don’t wear uniforms and speak to their teachers on a first name basis.
This does not mean we are a 'hippy' school nor aligned with the free school movement.

We believe in order, a rhythmic balance of concentration and activity, in clear thinking and creativity   that arises from a culture of structured whole person learning. 
We also believe that learning and childhood should be fun and related to living and playing.
The school has clearly defined starting times, timetable, curriculum, assessments and reporting.
Students in the high school are offered NCEA levels 2 and 3 and can achieve as highly as their aspirations and work habits allow them.

We ensure Literacy and Numeracy are gained at level 1 as prerequisites to level 2 options. We have found that NCEA level 1 was too prescriptive and directive in the many subjects we offer.




Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School
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