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ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages

Enrolling international students are guaranteed the following ESOL programme unless their initial English test levels are above what we would expect.

International students expect a new cultural experience and to be able to improve their English language skills. They participate fully in the subjects taught at their age level. School policy is to admit those students who can demonstrate better than average English language skills (please refer to English language proficiency guidelines). Our objectives in ESOL are focussed on the needs of these students.

We offer two to three, 40 minute periods of ESOL per week. This is a flexible language learning programme, structured according to individual needs, as it is given in a small group. We focus on the four curriculum strands: listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Among the methods used are role plays, discussions, communication games, educational videos with corresponding comprehension activities, reading and narrating, grammar exercises and formative tests etc. The students are also taken to culturally interesting sites or events and are accompanied by one of the ESOL Teachers.
Our main objective is to assist students from non-English speaking backgrounds to gain competence in English.
By attending our ESOL lessons and completing set tasks students will:

  • Increase their English vocabulary and use it confidently in different contexts.
  • Improve their English grammar and spelling.
  • Have the opportunity to practice their oral and aural skills in a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Widen their knowledge about New Zealand’s bicultural heritage and natural environment.

ESOL also provides a common meeting ground for students from different cultural backgrounds to support and help each other in learning English as well as coping with every day problems

Please email us international@ch.steiner.school.nz

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