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To enrol at Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School international students must live in one of the following categories of accommodation;

  1. Living with their parents, or
  2. Living in homestay accommodation.

Homestay accommodation needs to be arranged by the school Homestay Coordinator well in advance, most homestay families available are current parents of the school and live within a short distance from the school (10 – 15 minutes by car at the most).  The family will also assist you with becoming familiar with your surroundings and the New Zealand ‘way of life’.

Our Homestay Coordinator will assist you in finding a host family for the duration of your stay.  If your application to become an international student at the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School is accepted you will be contacted to begin the placement process. 

Homestay lodging will be approximately NZ$235.00 per week, and payment must be arranged by you.  This fee covers your board and food costs only – you will need to pay for things such as; toiletries, transport (bus tickets etc), telephone calls, faxes, Internet usage, travel and other extras yourself.  The accommodation fee is applicable only to the house to which you are contracted. 

There are many families that enjoy hosting an International Student.  Your homestay parents will treat you like a son or daughter.  They will invite you to join family activities and will be interested in your progress at school. 

Some Homestay Questions & Answers;

What does my homestay provide?
Your own bedroom, bedroom furniture (bed, wardrobe/set of drawers, desk and lamp if applicable), three meals a day, bathroom facilities, laundry facilities, access to a working telephone, friendship, care and guidance.

Can I go flatting?
All international students under 18 years old attending Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School are not permitted to be in a flatting/boarding situation.

Can my friends stay at my house?  Can I stay at my friend’s homestay? 
Your homestay will probably be happy about this but you MUST ask them first.  If you are staying at a friends’ place you must give a contact name and telephone number to your homestay.  This is for your safety.  Remember that your homestay is responsible for you.  If they, or the school, need to contact you in an emergency we much know where you are.

Can I smoke at my homestay?
You will have to ask your homestay – different homestays have different rules.  You cannot smoke at school.

Can my homestay ask me to leave?
Sometimes a homestay family is unable to continue – perhaps a family member is sick, perhaps they must move to a new city.  If this happens your homestay will inform the school and a new homestay will be found for you.

Please email us international@ch.steiner.school.nz

Please note: Many Email Services seem to filter and block emails from domains with school.nz endings. Please check your SPAM filter.




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