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Recommended Reading

◊ General
Introduction to Waldorf Education – Barnes, Harwood & Davy
Festivals with Children – B Barz
Festivals, Family & Food – D Carey & J Large
Steiner Education in Theory & Practice – G Childs
Waldorf Parenting Handbook – L Cusick
Anthroposophy – F Edmunds
Confessions of a Waldorf Parent – M Gorman
Brothers & Sisters – K König
The First Three Years – K König
Phases of Childhood – B C J Lievegoed
Phases: Crises & the Development of the Individual – B C J Lievegoed
Creativity in Education: the Waldorf Approach – R Querido
Nutrition for Children – U Renzenbrink
Computers in Education – V Setzer
Scientist of the Invisible – A P Shepherd
Twelve Senses: An Introduction to Anthroposophy – A Soesman
Introduction to Waldorf Education – R Steiner
Study of Man – R Steiner
Commonsense Schooling – R Wilkinson
Questions & Answers on Rudolf Steiner Education – R Wilkinson
Child is Born: Pregnancy, Birth, First Childhood

◊ Kindergarten
Education Towards Freedom – F Carlgren & A Klingbor
Education of the Child - Rudolf Steiner
Recovery of Man in Childhood - A C Harwood
Who’s Bringing Them Up? TV & Child Development: How to break the TV Habit - Martin Large
The Way of the Child - A C Harwood
Children at Play - Heide Britz-Crecelius
A Child’s Work - Ruth Wittig
Lifeways - G Davy and B Voors
Parenting - A Path through Childhood - Dotty Coplen
Making Soft Toys - F Jaffke
You Are Your Child’s first teacher - Rahima Baldwin
The Incarnating Child - Joan Salter
Guide to Child Health - M Glöckler & G Göbel

◊ Lower School
Rudolf Steiner Education and the Growing Child – W Aeppli
Childhood: The Study of the Growing Child – C von Heydebrand
Encountering the Self: Transformation and Destiny in the Ninth Year – H Hopke
Teaching as a Living Art – M Spock

◊ Upper School
Educating the Adolescent: Discipline and Freedom – E Gabert
Thirteen to Nineteen – J Sleigh
Between Form and Freedom – B Staley
Waldorf Education for the Adolescent – R Steiner

◊ Periodicals
Steiner Education (England)
Erziehungskunst (Germany)
Peridot (UISA)
Journals from the Paedagogical Section –attention Neil Carter

◊ Sources
Ceres Distributors
Humanities Books – 332 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings

◊ Local Stockist



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