Latest News – Covid-19

Unite against Covid-19

We are in remarkable times and thank you to all in our school community on behalf of the education community for your continued vigilance in the lockdown.
We have daily contact from the Ministry of Education and it is impressive to read their commitment to the well being and learning for all the tamariki of our country.

This enforced close family time, despite all the sad losses with the virus, is also a precious time for close bonding, creativity together and, no doubt, a few frustrations! Much has been written about the relationship of boredom to the development of imagination, initiative and resourcefulness and embracing the gentleness of just being……
Regularity and daily habits – both in activities – both school and home work, play and fun times, helping around home, practicing a skill etc are the key to keeping well being and a healthy mind. This will support children’s equanimity at home.

A wonderful resource is  Whānau will find many useful tips, ideas and resources.

Well being and developing a stress free togetherness is probably the vital focus for us all.

Kia kaha mo nga mihi,

Thomas Proctor, Principal


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