Enrol now for 2021 – Year 9

We have limited places for a fortunate few who could join our unique school.
You probably know that we are the education experts on well being and resulting student confidence but you may not know that our academic results surpass those of the national and decile 8 – 10 band at NCEA level 1, 2 and 3.
This is not surprising given the low teacher pupil ratio, the high-level engagement, structure and enjoyment our students have in the learning process.
You may have heard of our whole person learning maxim of HEAD, HEART, HAND where the academic, artistic/creative and practical learning process enables long term memory, inquisitiveness and a sharp mind.

The balance of breathing, laughter and the love of learning is the expertise we have brought to education for decades as the basis of well being and positive self image.
We are opening spaces for only 5 or 6 students in year 9 next year. These students will need to have a high standard of learning focus, a skill capacity and desire to grow their learning in a firm, structured and caring environment. More info on our Upper School can be found here.

If you wish to learn more, or wish to take up the potential of coming to our school, then please contact our school office on 03 337 0514 to attend a special character talk, a number of which will be held on Tuesday 16th June.