Our Steiner Future Workshop – be a part of it…

The Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School invites you, the interested parents, to a workshop at the school on Sunday, 20th Sept 2020, 9am-12pm.

With the help of your individual spirit, knowledge, skills and experience, we want to generate together visions about the future direction of our school together.

Facilitator: Chris Davis

After welcome and introduction, the process includes three – very different – phases:

  1. THE CRITIQUE PHASE, where problems are identified and investigated, and the results are clustered in groups …
  2. THE FANTASY PHASE, where critique is converted into a positive vision, and all participants try to work out an utopia in a relaxed atmosphere and all ideas are collected in an idea store …
  3. THE IMPLEMENTATION PHASE, where all those ideas are transformed to a practical and realisable core. This ideally will lead to an action plan.

We are looking forward to your input!

R.S.V.P. by Tuesday, 15th Sept 2020 if you will attend the meeting or for further information, contact Rachel Conway – rachelc@ch.steiner.school.nz