Level 3 update

Just a short update to confirm that we are definitely moving to Alert Level 3 on Wednesday.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Level 3 is not that different from Level 4 for most of us.

If you are an essential worker and have no alternative child care options for your children, you can send them to school. To do so you must email me (principal@ch.steiner.school.nz) by 1pm the day before you intend to attend. This provides me with time to ensure that I have enough staff on site to manage the strict regulations that schools at Level 3 must adhere to. Again, yesterday’s post has all this information explained in more detail.

I will be providing details tomorrow afternoon to those families who have children learning at school during Alert Level 3 concerning drop off, contact tracing expectations and so on.

Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the lockdown.

Steven Mustor – Acting Principal