Our school was founded on April 21st 1975 with a kindergarten and 2 school pupils and now caters for students from  kindergarten to year 13.

From small beginnings

We have grown into a school of over 400 pupils from kindergarten to year 13 in Ōpāwa, Christchurch.

Our pervading ethos of quality is reflected in the enlivening architecturally designed buildings, the interrelationships of pupils and adults and the creativity of work presentation.

The Head, Heart, Hand maxim epitomises the balanced learning approach.

Truth, Beauty and Goodness are inner qualities that we aspire to live and learn by.

The school became a fully state-funded integrated school in 1989 and balances a Steiner curriculum with all the achievement objectives the New Zealand Curriculum Framework. The Education Review Office regularly visits the school.

The high levels of academic achievementin NCEA, the international PISA study of 15-year-olds and primary level PAT results have resulted in the school becoming very popular, such that many classes now have significant waiting lists.

Although Steiner schools have a European cultural heritage, we actively engage in Te Ao Maori including Te Reo and tikanga in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Sword Fighting

Our School’s Commitment

  • Educating the whole evolving child through authority, respect and love.
  • Meeting the distinct physiological and psychological maturational stages of children through a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Ensuring that a high level of both intellectual and emotional skills grows the potential of each child.
  • Striving towards a collaborative relationship between home and school that supports the child’s development. Protecting the integrity of childhood.
  • Fostering respect for others and the environment. Teachers being part of a responsible, accountable and collaborative management system.

Providing a unique education from kindergarten through to Year 13, the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School became a fully state-funded, integrated school in 1989.

Balancing the rich Steiner curriculum with the achievement objectives of NCEA, our school receives regular visits from the Education Review Office.

What Is Steiner Education?

Recognising the unique spirit of each child and awakening the student to their own gifts and potential are the hallmarks of a Steiner education. Our curriculum is delivered via a holistic “whole person” approach – often referred to as “Head, Hands & Heart”. Teaching not only to the head (academic) but also to the hands (practical creativity, physical activity) and the heart (music, drama, artistic expression), in a Steiner school, creative, sporting, musical and academic success are ALL valued equally.

We pride ourselves on producing graduates who leave the school not only with the required NCEA and University Entrance qualifications but also with the ability to think critically, act responsibly and move into the adult world with confidence.


For more information about our school read our 2024 Parent Information A-Z handbook:

 Parent Handbook A-Z.pdf