The Board of Trustees is a statutory body as required for all state and integrated schools, consisting of:

  • One seat for the Principal
  • One seat for an elected staff representative
  • One seat for an elected student representative
  • Up to four seats for representatives appointed by the Proprietors Trust
  • Five (or more) seats for elected parent representatives

Governance is essentially a passive, overseeing role. The BOT is there to see to it that things get done. Its task is to set the parameters within which the school functions. It does so by making sure that legislation is complied with, various policies and procedures are in place, and then lets school management and staff get on with it. Policies are publicly reviewed regularly after parental input.

Copies of school policies may be downloaded here or are available free of charge from the school office.

Please read here for the latest Parent and Caregiver Survey.

Please find the newest ERO Report here.

2022 Meetings

10th February read minutes

14th April read minutes

19th May read minutes

16th June read minutes

Thursday 28 July read minutes

Thursday 18 August

Thursday 15 September

Wednesday 19 October

Thursday 17 November

Thursday 15 December

2022 Members

Caroline Gray


Presiding Member
Mark Lewis


Elected by the Parents

Rohan Bekker

James Harris

David Pomeroy

Jennifer Riley

Ruby Ward


Elected by the Staff
Courtenay Washington


Elected by the Students
Tama Romein


Nominated by the Proprietor
Martin Gastinger