Our Digital Use Guidelines, Including BYOD Overview

BYOD = bring your own device

Read the full guidelines here pdf


To meet the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum we shall offer the opportunity for students to use approved devices to meet the following aim: “Incorporating digital technologies will support young people to develop the confidence and skill not only to use digital technologies (DT) but to design and build digital systems. The Technology Learning Area of the New Zealand Curriculum stresses the importance of intervention by design: the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems.”

We are committed to helping our students reach a national standard from the Technology curriculum, with the goal of ensuring “that all learners know about digital technologies and understand the decisions people make when they use them and create them. It's important that students have opportunities to be innovative designers and creators of digital solutions – moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies. We want them to be able to critically assess the impact of existing and new technologies on society and the environment. The goal is to have students experience a rich curriculum that engages and challenges them, is forward-looking, and inclusive – and as a part of that they know how to use and create digital technologies.” An understanding of algorithms and computational thinking is also beneficial as these are becoming increasingly common across many subject areas. Through teaching our students how to engage with and work within the Digital world, we are equipping them with essential modern world skills and providing a further opportunity to develop student agency.

We will aim for our Classes 8-10 to engage with Digital Technology in a manner that supports the developmental readiness and needs of each age group and fosters continued imagination and creativity. The opportunity to create is significant, and we anticipate that student devices can be used appropriately across several subject areas, to transform the information they learn in class into unique pieces of work. This can be a very powerful learning experience. To achieve this, the school will deliver a high-level infrastructure including a suitable learning platform and network for learners to work from, along with safe boundaries, policies and procedures to learn about digital technologies.

Mobile device procedure 2023-03