Gaia Sophia Community Events are held for the benefit and education of our school community in support of parenting, education, and healthy human development of children from all walks of life.

Registration for each individual session must be submitted prior to each event - please register at
All sessions will start at 7.30pm (please arrive early) and will take place in Te Ara Sophia, 275 Fifield Terrace, Opawa, Christchurch 8023.

About Gaia Sophia

Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess, and Sophia, originally the Greek work for "wisdom", is significantly shaped by the term philosophy ("love of wisdom") as used by Plato.

At that time and right up through the middle ages the cosmic wisdom was experienced as Philosophia, the aspect of Sophia accessible through philosophical activity. Previously Sophia had been experienced as Theosophia – divine wisdom - in pre-philosophic forms of awareness, akin perhaps more to the dream state.

Rudolf Steiner described the presently accessible form of Sophia as Anthroposophia who brings the light of wisdom to the human being in a form accessible to anyone with a modern, scientific consciousness, if this is lifted out of the materialistic and reductionist thought forms of the Nineteenth century.

The Gaia Sophia Community Events are an important part of our adult learning programme, to support our community, providing a place for lifelong learning and growth for us all.

For more information contact Gritt Enevold