Kindergarten Teacher Vacancy

We seek an experienced, registered ECE teacher to work with 4-6 year old tamariki in the Kindergarten. The position is for one year fixed term while a current teacher is on leave. The hours are 23-26 per week, Monday to Friday, and the start date is 1 February 2023.

The ideal applicant has knowledge and experience of Steiner early childhood education; is warm and approachable, creative and positive; works collaboratively and supportively within a team; has strong communication skills; is calm, unhurried, and respectful with tamariki; and is committed to learning and using in te reo and tikanga Māori in their practice.

Please send your CV and cover letter, and direct enquiries to:
Lily England, Kindergarten Coordinator
(03) 337 0514

Closing date for applications: Friday 16 December 2022, 4:00pm

Kindergarten Relievers wanted

At the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, we are looking for qualified and unqualified early childhood teachers to join our team of relievers. Our relievers ideally have experience and knowledge of Steiner early childhood education; are warm and approachable; calm, respectful, and kind with tamariki; have good teamwork skills; and are familiar with the use of te reo and tikanga Māori. If this is you, then please contact the Kindergarten Coordinator, Lily England, to
request an application form.

How to become a Steiner School teacher in Christchurch

Teaching in a Steiner school is one of the most rewarding vocations. Our aspiration as teachers is to inspire young students in their relationship to the world, in their love for their fellow humans on earth, to give them skills to effectively create a future for themselves and to find their own unique individuality.
We attempt to create Teaching into an Art form that elevates our vocation into something very meaningful.

Trained teachers with a Bachelor of Education, or with a post graduate diploma, or untrained teachers can enrol in a one or two-year course at Taruna College in Hawke’s Bay, the country’s only dedicated Steiner Training institute.
The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) offers a 3 year Bachelor of Education (Steiner) in both Early Childhood and Primary. The Federation has developed a part time 2 year In Service "Certificate of Rudolf Steiner Education" for practising teachers which is taught at Taruna.
Each school has an extensive ongoing Professional development programme in
both Steiner and State best practise and principles

Untrained teachers would be required to complete a Bachelor or equivalent degree before being employed by the school.
Taruna also offers refresher courses for all teachers throughout the year. They provide Steiner based courses in many areas including nursing, art, and agriculture.

Teachers who have been trained overseas and wish to teach in New Zealand, or have qualifications that could be cross credited towards education qualifications, will need to have their qualifications approved by the NZ Qualification Authority.

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