CRSS COVID-19 On-Site Response Plan at ORANGE SETTING as of 22.07.22
Procedures under the CPF (COVID Protection Framework) at CRSS

We take our precautionary measures very seriously and continue to follow all Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health guidelines under ORANGE.
We also adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to manage risks and protect staff, students, and our community.
When identifying risks and understanding our legal duties, we have considered which measures must be in place that, as far as reasonably practicable, provide for the health and safety of students and staff, and do not put people at risk from the work that is being carried out at our school.
This includes considering what work may still need to be undertaken by a vaccinated worker, to provide the greatest level of protection for those who are most vulnerable.
Our procedures have been developed with the safety of students and staff in mind.

We have carried out a risk assessment covering all day-to-day activities, extracurricular and education outside the classroom activities (EoTC), and community events.
We have also considered whether there is a greater risk of students and staff being exposed to new variants at school than when they are in the community.
In tracing our cases to date and hearing from whānau we know that families are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 via school than in their normal day-to-day business.
In terms of staffing, our focus remains on the role and the work being done, rather than the individuals who may perform this role.

At CRSS we use the term vulnerable to define those who are immunocompromised and/or at risk of serious illness from COVID-19.
The school has identified that:

  • thirteen out of seventeen classes have students in them that are vulnerable, or live with others that are vulnerable
  • thirteen staff are vulnerable or live with others/ are caregivers for others that are vulnerable.

Therefore, at Orange, we:

  • expect unvaccinated staff, visitors and volunteers interacting with students and staff to wear masks
  • expect unvaccinated staff, visitors, and volunteers to refrain from close contact with students or staff
  • ask that masks are worn by vaccinated staff, volunteers, and visitors when indoors where practicable
  • ask that masks are worn by students in Class 3 (Year 4) and above, when indoors where practicable (not for sport, music, drama, or eating & drinking for example)
  • require all visitors and volunteers to comply with the school mask requirements in place at the time of their visit

This plan has been updated in response to the change in mask requirements in schools, as of 22.07.22
We will always follow and respond to the most up to date advice from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

Please see this link below for the most current information:

Omicron in the community: what this means for you | Ministry of Health NZ

How long do I need to isolate? An NZ COVID-19 self-isolation calculator

Ministry of Education contact, to report COVID-19 case at school (8am – 6pm, 7 days a week)

Phone: 027 265 4618

Health Measures – A Summary of our Required Actions at CRSS

The measures which already apply at each traffic light setting are highlighted and ticked and in the coloured boxes.
Other measures we have introduced to reflect the risk facing vulnerable people in our school community under ORANGE are also ticked.

Orange table 3 20220723
Orange table 4 20220723
Orange table 5 20220723

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