As the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School is integrated into the state system it is publicly funded and therefore does not charge fees for tuition for New Zealand residents.  However, the school does have to charge parents for some costs not covered by the government.

Kindergarten Fees

For under 3 year olds - $6.97 hourly rate

For 3-5 year olds for time over 20 hours per week - $6.97 hourly rate

All fees are in New Zealand Dollars ($) and Include GST.

Kindergarten fees are legally binding and are required to be paid. Many parents, however, may be able to gain the assistance of the WINZ early childcare subsidy. Our kindergartens are registered centres for this subsidy.

20 HOURS ECE. All children aged 3-5 years are eligible for 20 hours funded by the Ministry, which is paid directly to the Proprietor Trust. We request however, that you contribute a donation of $3.00 per hour to help fund the Steiner Education Contribution, our special character.

We are currently updating our table of Kindergarten Fees, letter and fee schedule, this will appear here shortly.

Attendance Dues & Steiner Education Contribution 

These fees apply for children five years and over.  As the school is privately owned, the Proprietor has a need to charge for mortgages over the land and buildings, and costs involved in bringing the school buildings up to state school minimum standards.

Attendance Dues are a legally binding fee which are gazetted by the Ministry of Education and are required to be paid by automatic payment in accordance with Proprietor’s Trust policies.

Payments should be made directly into the Proprietors Trust bank account: 03-1598-0022419-00
Payments can be made by installment (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) over the course of the school year, or as a lump sum at the beginning of the school year.

The Proprietors Contribution is a donation. At the end of the tax year (31st March) those who have paid the contribution will receive a tax receipt from Christchurch Rudolf SteinerSchool. This can be used to claim a tax credit of 33% from the IRD.

Number of children Attendance Dues

per annum

Contribution per annum

per annum

Monthly Payment
1 $1,092.00 $694.00 $1,786.00 $162.36
2 $2,184.00 $1,009.00 $3,193.00 $290.27
3 $3,276.00 $1,072.00 $4,348.00 $395.27
4+ $4,368.00 $1,072.00 $5,440.00 $494.54

All fees are in New Zealand Dollars ($) and Include GST.

Contribution to the Proprietor’s Trust

Applies to children five years and over.

Although essential to the provision of the special character of the school, this contribution is, technically-speaking, a donation. For tax purposes, a receipt is sent out to parents at the end of the financial year.

These contributions cover:

  • Wages for additional teaching staff employed by the Proprietor to provide for subjects related to  the special character of the school – eg: lower school handwork and eurythmy
  • Part of the costs of the repairs and maintenance of the buildings and grounds
  • Some administration staff
  • Federation levy
  • Relocation expenses for overseas recruited staff
  • Staff development costs related to special character

Other Fees

There are a number of other fees that are applicable to some students.

Activity Contributions

For all Lower School children (Years 1–8) to cover swimming, the string program, concerts, plays etc.

Course Materials

Some courses in the Upper School require the recovery of reasonable course contributions.  Stationery supplied is charged each term.

Class Camps

An important part of school life, most classes have a camp each year. Contributions are communicated to parents as early as possible to allow them to be budgeted for.

International Student Fees

Information for International Students can be found here.