Julie Frew

Registered Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Learning from her mentors, Robyn Ritchie and Emma Ratcliff, Julie has 15+ years experience using sensory integration based therapy and drawing on the holistic picture of the 12 senses (as described by Rudolf Steiner) to support neurodivergent tamariki & their whānau.
Paediatric occupational therapy supports participation and a sense of fulfilment in daily life at home and kindy/school through the development of regulatory skills and social-emotional capacities, gross and fine motor skills, coordination, posture, sensory processing, visual-motor integration, visual perceptual skills and executive functioning. Understanding the interconnectedness of these capacities, and embedding their development in the context of playful activity and the safety of a co-regulatory relationship means children explore their sense of self, trust in their bodies, in the world and in other people, while having fun and co-creating a sense of meaning.

Julie uses a strengths-based and neurodiversity-affirming approach. She has completed post-graduate study in the use of Sensory Processing Principles for Diverse Populations, holds a certificate of mastery in the DIRFloortime approach, and has undergone extensive professional development in the application of trauma-responsive care – including additional training in attachment, psycho-sensory interventions, Polyvagal theory and study through the Child Trauma Academy.

Kaiwhakaora Ngangahau, Occupational Therapist NZReg. Holding Tuesday sessions in our specially designed OT rooms. Contact: juliefrew.ot@gmail.com