Julie Frew

Registered Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Julie provides relational, strengths-based, ND-affirming support for neurodivergent tamariki and their whānau.

Mentored by Robyn Ritchie and Emma Ratcliff, Julie specialises in using a sensory integration-based approach, drawing on the neurobiology of sensory processing and relational neurosciences to build connection to self, others and the world around us.

Paediatric occupational therapy supports participation and a sense of fulfilment in daily life at home and kindergarten or school, through considering regulatory and social-emotional capacities, gross and fine motor skills, sensory processing (including balance, movement and interoception), right through to executive functioning. Understanding the interface these capacities have with each other, and embedding their development in the context of playful activity and the safety of a co-regulatory relationship means children explore their sense of self, trust in their bodies, in the world and in other people, while having fun and co-creating a sense of meaning.

Julie has completed post-graduate study in the use of Sensory Processing Principles for Diverse Populations, holds a certificate of mastery in the DIRFloortime approach, is Safe & Sound Protocol certified, and has undergone extensive professional development in the application of trauma-responsive care – including additional training in attachment, psycho-sensory interventions, and via the Polyvagal Institute and the Child Trauma Academy.

Kaiwhakaora Ngangahau, Occupational Therapist NZReg. Holding Tuesday sessions in our specially designed OT rooms. Contact: juliefrew.ot@gmail.com