Pure Dynamics by Debby Sanders

Pure Dynamics by Debby Sanders offers Craniosacral treatments and Qigong therapy and classes.

Craniosacral treatments and Qigong practice have been shown to be beneficial for people seeking help with a wide range of health challenges and symptoms such as (chronic) pain, postural and Musculo-skeletal issues, (post-covid) fatigue, emotional stress, headaches and migraines, concussion, sleep challenges, digestion and organ issues. They are also increasingly used as a maintenance and preventative health measure.

Debby trained and worked in the Netherlands as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath (visceral, cranial and structural) and Craniosacral therapist. Since moving to New Zealand in 2006, alongside her hands-on work, she has been studying, practicing and teaching Qigong (Yuan Gong). Debby enjoys combining the knowledge and techniques she has learned in all modalities.

In her CRANIOSACRAL treatments, Debby uses a holistic and gentle manual approach to perceive and facilitate the body’s movement dynamics and rhythms, in order to assist the expression of the inherent health within. This process helps to resolve historical patterns of stress, trauma, pathology and inertia. Once patterns of stress are released, relief of tension and physical discomfort will be experienced. People tend to have more energy, feel more centred and in tune with themselves.

Yuan Gong is an empowering self-help tool. It is a modern and comprehensive QIGONG system using gentle yet powerful moving and still practices which relax the body, calm the mind and open the heart; this allows Qi (lifeforce) to move freely and nourish the body and mind. Regular practice can improve physical health, increase energy, balance emotions, enhance internal awareness and mindfulness, and help find purpose.

Debby’s treatments and teachings are based on the understanding that:
• the body is a biological unit; the mobility and function of every part of the body affects every other part of the body
• the body has the ability to self-heal; when the tissues in the body are mobile and balanced, blood and the lifeforce (Qi) can flow in its most natural way, optimally nourishing the body and recovering the body’s functions
• the person is a unit of body, mind, heart and Qi; these aspects work constantly together and all need to be considered when working on the root cause of problems, so true health, happiness, wellbeing and growth can be achieved

For people to gain the most from sessions, Debby works to create a welcoming and safe space. Debby is excited to be supporting people through Pure Dynamics to improve health, wellbeing and the whole of life.

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