Qi Gong classes

Yuan Gong is a modern and comprehensive Qigong system. Yuan Gong uses gentle yet powerful moving and still practices which relax the body, calm the mind and open the heart, allowing Qi (lifeforce) to move freely and nourish the body and mind. Regular practice can improve physical health, increase energy, balance emotions, enhance internal awareness and mindfulness and help find purpose. Yuan Gong is an empowering self-help tool.

Classes now offered at Te Ara Sophia:
• Fridays 9 – 10am, run by Debby
• Saturdays 9 – 10.30am, run by Ollie and Vanessa

There are also several online classes available throughout the week. You can find these on qigongchristchurch.org

All our classes are offered at the following costs:
First class free Casual: $15 Concession card (10 classes): $100 Term membership (10 weeks): $100 (attend as many in person or online classes as you like)
Please get in touch if finances are an issue.

For more info contact:

Debby 0273449238
Ollie 0273339252