Rachel Parr

Registered Nurse, Anthroposophical Nurse

Rachel is now able to offer nursing therapies Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to those who are experiencing anxiety or depression and are aged fourteen years or older.

During her thirty years nursing experience, she has worked in Child & Adolescent Health, Practice Nursing (urban and rural) Public Health and Addiction Recovery. She has further training in counselling and Anthroposophical Nursing.

She nurses from the realisation that each of us are influenced and affected by our social and environmental background, along with our life stage and daily habits. All of these elements have an impact on our physical, mental and/or spiritual health at any given time. Her nursing approach is to meet with each person to find ways to support and strengthen their natural regenerative ability.
One way is with Einreibungen (Rythmical Body Oiling). It works to soothe the nervous system, remind the breathing of its natural rhythm and integrate the metabolism.
Rachel is also trained in the use of herbal preparations, that can be applied to the skin, to help to restore balance to the person as a whole.

Contact: 021 1472676

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