Sparkling Crystals Playgroup

For pre-kindergarten aged children and their parents, there is the opportunity to attend the ‘Sparkling Crystals’ Parent and Child group, based on Steiner principles.

‘Sparkling Crystals’ has been running for many years in our school community.

The group is for families with children from birth to around four years of age. Our session is led by Robin Mackenzie-Suggate, a previous teacher from the Steiner kindergarten.

The group runs every Wednesday during term-time from 9am to 11am. Each session is held in the Te Ara Sophia centre at 275 Fifield Terrace. Where small children and their parents can safely play and enjoy their activities. Young children love to explore the world around them, touching, feeling and investigating, and so we choose simple natural materials for positive sensory experiences.

During our weekly session, parents and their children have an opportunity to experience an introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s approach to education, as we work within the curriculum for the very young. There will be a chance to bring more awareness to parenting, learning for example, the importance of warmth and touch. We create a warm, welcoming space for those that may be taking their first step outside the home environment and use natural play materials and furnishings, and incorporate songs and stories that reflect the current season. At all times we strive to create a wholesome, calm, child-focused environment. A natural rhythm flows through the morning and is very similar to that of our Kindergarten so the children are gradually prepared before perhaps taking the next step in their Steiner journey. Our morning begins with a mixture of playtime and crafts, herbal tea, tidying away, circle time songs, morning tea (we provide homemade bread and water, and families are invited to bring an organic piece of fruit each week to contribute to our morning tea). We often have a nature walk outside, a seasonal story and finish with a goodbye song.

Interested families are encouraged to contact the group by email:

There is currently a short waiting list to attend.

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