Yoga with Julia


I am Julia Wilkinson, mother of two young boys and a specialist in pre and postnatal exercise, rehabilitation and childbirth education. I help health conscious, active parents and parents to be feel good in their bodies.

Thursday 9:30am Child Friendly Yoga
$20 drop in or $180 for the term (27th October – 22 December)

It can be hard to carve out solo time to practice yoga when you are a parent. In this class babies and children are welcome. My hope is this class will give those who otherwise wouldn’t have made it onto the mat an opportunity to practice.

Please bring:
– A mat
– Drink bottle
– Items to support your children. This might be toys, books, pens and paper or snacks. If you do bring snacks please be mindful of our space and clean up any crumbs after you.

Please feel free to breastfeed, change and tend to your baby at any point throughout class.”


Thursday 10:45am Pelvic Floor Restore
$20 drop in or $180 for the term (27th October – 22 December)

This class is for anyone who wants to look after their pelvic floor and have it functioning at its best.

You might:
– be unsure how to connect to your pelvic floor and want to make sure “you’re doing it right”
– be having issues with incontinence or a weak pelvic floor
– have pelvic pain or suspect your pelvic floor is tight
– be looking to take care of your body after having a baby
– simply understand that your pelvic floor is your foundation and affects all areas of our wellbeing

Each class will include breathwork, simple strengthening and stretching sequences and finish with a guided meditation.

Julia x

Booking link:

Contact me at 0220619254 or via instagram @juliawilkinsonempowered

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